With the goal of continuing the movement of learning and training employees in 2022, the HR department in conjunction with the reform department of LIN-HA-BI-PHA Corporation organized a 2-day coaching session for the sales team: "SALES BREAKTHROUGH MASTER CAMP"

SDM Strength Film known by the processing names Cross-Laminated Films and Strength Films, is a kind of Polyethylene (PE) Cross Laminated Strength Film. Because of proprietary cross-laminated process, SDM Strength Film is very strong and find many application.

Colored plastic is seen and used everywhere, but not many people know how plastics get colored. Different coloring systems offer different pros and cons, and usually, the customers' needs dictate how a certain type of plastic will be colored. Below we will be talking about the three most common types of coloring: Masterbatches, Cube blends, and Pre-colored resins.

The use of Black Masterbatch in plastic manufacturing process

Let's find out why Hanoplas Filler Masterbatch is the optimal solution for Blow Film Process.

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